1. What steps does it take to have my resume reviewed by MyReviewPro advisors?

a. Set up your client account with MyReviewPro.
b. Choose a personalized Basic or Premium review service package that includes your advisors’ profile selection.
c. Upload a copy of your resume to MyReviewPro in one of the following formats: Microsoft Word, PDF or Txt.
d. Make a payment for the service using a secure platform such as credit card or PayPal.

2. What will my Resume Evaluation Report (RER) look like?

a. The RER is a structured review template designed by MyReviewPro to facilitate a meaningful and comprehensive analysis of a client’s resume. Composed of 9 sections (Table of Contents listed below), the RER allows your advisor to inspect and evaluate every aspect of your resume for both form and content. Your advisor’s expertise comes from hundreds of resume screenings conducted over the years to identify potential employees in your specific industry and job function. This expertise is built into the RER prepared for you.

b. The RER is a customized, self-explanatory report on the strengths and weaknesses of your resume, based on how your resume compares with those of other candidates with similar backgrounds. It also contains your advisor’s specific recommendations to help you craft a resume that will give you a competitive advantage. The RER will help you see what your priorities should be. Implementing your advisor’s suggestions will increase the likelihood that your resume will be well-received by hiring managers in your industry and job function.

Table of Contents

Section 1: Format and General Appearance
Section 2: Language
Section 3: Education and Training
Section 4: Work Experience
Section 5: Motivation and Achievement
Section 6: Creativity and Innovation
Section 7: Interpersonal and Communication Skills
Section 8: Overall Effectiveness
Section 9: Improvement Suggestion

3. How much does it cost to have my resume reviewed through MyReviewPro?

Basic Review Service: $199 – limited advisor profile selections with resume reviewed by two advisors.
Premium Review Service: $289 – detailed advisor profile selections with resume reviewed by three advisors.

4. What will the Resume Evaluation Reports (RERs) tell me?

Using the RERs your advisors will assess the marketability of your resume and offer valuable tips to help you improve and refine this important document.

Specifically, the RERs will do the following for you: introduce you to professionals in your field of interest who will appraise your resume based on their in-depth knowledge of your field; give you judicious pointers for enhancing your document; and help you realistically assess your career development plans based on your strengths and weaknesses.

Keep in mind that each RER reflects just one advisor’s unique point of view and his/ her specific set of experiences. While your advisor’s opinion is extremely valuable, avoid over-generalizing on the basis of one evaluation. MyReviewPro offers our clients Basic Review Service to have your resume reviewed by 2 advisors or Premium Review Service to have your resume reviewed by 3 advisors.

5. Will I be hired for a job as part of MyReviewPro?

MyReviewPro connects you with advisors who have direct hiring experience in most industries in the United States and Canada. Your resume will be presented to advisors for their analysis and review. It is possible that your advisors will refer you to job openings that are mutually beneficial to you and your potential employers. However, MyReviewPro is not a job referral service and does not provide this service to our clients.


1. What qualifications are required to become an advisor at MyReviewPro?

a. You need a minimum of three years of experience as a fulltime hiring manager or senior professional in a public or privately held company from any industrial sector, preferably a Fortune 500 company.
b. You must have your personal profile published on a professional networking website like LinkedIn, or your employer’s website.
c. You must be willing and able to share your critique of our clients’ resumes and their career development plans.

2. What Information is needed to apply for the position of advisor with MyReviewPro?

a. Set up your advisor account using your personal email address.
b. Upload your resume to MyReviewPro in Microsoft Word, PDF, or Txt format. We also accept your LinkedIn®️ profile exported directly from LinkedIn®️. Please do not include your PERSONAL INFORMATION and any of your employers' confidential information on the resume you submit to us.

3. How should I prepare the RER for my clients?

a. Answer each question in the RER template honestly and carefully, assuming the role of a hiring manager responsible for selecting the most suitable candidate for a position in your current organization.
b. You are encouraged to utilize the candidate screening guidelines and standards used by your organization’s HR department as a reference to rate your client’s resume.
c. In Section 9 of the RER, please provide the most critical insights and suggestions to help your client improve his or her resume based on the client’s current stage of career development. In the same section, feel free to offer your client any additional career advice based on your personal experience.

4. Will clients learn my identity from the Resume Evaluation Report (RER) that I prepare?

No. MyReviewPro allows advisors to provide career development and resume advice anonymously. We believe that an anonymous report delivers the most honest and non-biased advice possible.

5. How does performance based compensation work for advisors?

The goal of MyReviewPro is to promote and retain the best advisors for our clients. We take great pride in our quality assurance system, which we believe is unsurpassed in the career advisory industry. We make it possible for our clients as well as the MyReviewPro career counselor team to rate the quality of the RERs for each case completed. These scores determine the advisor’s compensation level. Top performers deliver RER promptly and treat our client’s case as their own.

6. How many resume reviews should I expect to receive per month?

There are three factors affecting the number of resume review requests you will receive through MyReviewPro:
a. You, yourself, can decide how many resumes you wish to work with each month and enter that number under your account.
b. Our clients select potential advisors whose profiles most closely match their field of interest.
c. The rating of your past performance as measured by the advisor rating system on MyReviewPro will influence the number of resumes you receive. Higher ranking = higher volume.

7. Do I have an obligation to hire the clients whose resumes I review?

Our clients’ resumes are presented to you during the resume review process. If you find there is a fit between our client and an available job, you are free to refer him or her to the appropriate hiring manager outside of the resume review services managed by MyReviewPro.

8. Am I going to be taxed for receiving a compensation as an advisor?

MyReviewPro will issue a 1099-MISC form each year for each advisor who has received $600 or more for non-employee compensation during the previous year. Please consult with your tax advisor regarding how to handle your individual tax situation.

How do I get help from MyReviewPro, if I have other questions?

For more information about our services or if you would like to speak to a career counselor on our team, please do not hesitate to send us an email to support@myreviewpro.com or call us at (866) 985-8619. Please include your name, email, phone number and a detailed description of your inquiry. Our intention is to reply to all inquiries within 24 hours Mon-Fri and within 72 hours during weekends.