How does MyReviewPro® work for our advisors?


MyReviewPro® advisors are senior professionals serving in public or privately held companies in nearly every industrial sector. A high percentage of our advisors have more than five years’ full time employment experiences with Fortune 500 companies.

An application to become an advisor is obtained through MyReviewPro’s online portal. The qualifying process consists of verifying the potential advisor’s credentials. Once the qualifying process is completed, MyReviewPro’s career counselors will begin routing matched resume review projects to advisors for acceptance. Advisors have 48 hours to accept or decline each review project invitation. Upon acceptance, advisors have another 48 hours to complete the project by submitting Resume Evaluation Report (RER) to our career counselor team online.

Advisor compensation is determined by two independent rating systems, one from the client, the other from our career counselors. The advisor rating system ensures the highest quality advisory service for our clients.

Advisor Review Process

The quality of your review report is acknowledged by our clients.