High quality One-on-One professional resume review and career
advisory services for opportunity seekers

Connections with senior professionals in your industries

Why MyReviewPro® Works

Traditional career counselors often lack in depth knowledge of the hiring practices and
candidate selection criteria unique to your major.

Using social networking sites and your dream companies' online job application sites
to apply for jobs can feel like a shot in the dark.



We have expertise understanding of your complete career development needs in your industry.



Our career advisors are senior industrial professionals who have direct hiring experiences with a passion to develop a strong work force in companies they served.



We use your personal selection of criteria to screen the best matched career advisors for you.



Our dedicated career counselors connect the right expertise with you within 72 hours, ensuring timely responses.

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Client Testimonials

review “Quick, easy and very helpful!”

The resume submission process was straightforward and easy. I got my resume reviewed by three industry
professionals in 5 days. The feedback is very helpful. After a major revision of my resume, I received 2
phone interviews. I would recommend MyReviewPro® to anyone looking to have his/her resume overhauled.

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review “The Resume Evaluation Report tells me a lot!”

I was looking for someone from my dream companies to give me some hints about my resume. It wasn’t easy to find
contacts, since I didn’t know anyone working there. Also, I’m not sure if the person I found online
really told me what she thinks about my resume. My Resume Evaluation Report answered almost all my questions.

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review “Professional and high quality!”

The Resume Evaluation Report provided a thorough assessment of each section of my resume.
Thank you for finding such outstanding advisors. They are so professional. I feel supported by great career mentors.

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